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Whether you're looking to learn new dance moves or continue your existing talent freestyle dance aims to build confidence and allow the dancer to freely express themselves through dance. It offers a range of. genres such as lyrical, jazz, street and more! Technique and flexibility training is carried out and awards are given out for the most hard working and committed students!  

Led by qualified acrobatic instructors, this will have you on your feet in no time. It gives the students opportunity to learn new movements and easily showcase their flexibility. Interested in learning more? Weather its a cartwheel, bridge or walk over this is the place to come!

This is a favourite of mine as this subject gives every student the chance to 'Fly' in the air with our incredible and safe stunts. Everyone loves the chance to explore new motions taught and also mastering the stunts and tumbles!


This class gives the students, the stars in our eyes, the chance to shine! It includes dancing, singing and acting. Every student can show off their talent whether it be singing a song or acting out an exciting funny scene!